Saturday, November 28, 2009

ShadowCast 006 "The Gateway" by Brian Johnpeer

The Gateway

by Brian Johnpeer

read by Denton Hillen

At the Sacramento International Airport David checked in a half hour before his flight’s departure, and ordered a hot chocolate at a Java City hoping that the milk would help calm his nerves. Milk had always calmed his nerves. Every person who strolled by David reeked of sorrow, anxiety, or fear. For a moment he thought it may be his own aroma he had been inhaling, but after lifting his hands to cup his face and drawing in a deep breath, was convinced otherwise. Can one even reek of their feelings? He thought.
“No, of course they can’t,” as he answered his own thoughts out loud, and became aware of, through peripheral vision, that the old lady sitting next to him had taken notice in his one-sided conversation.
But dogs can smell fear, he thought.
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Friday, November 20, 2009

ShadowCast 005 Stage Fright

ShadowCast 005 Stage Fright

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ShadowCast 005 "Stage Fright"

Stage Fright

by Pete Malicki

read by Jason Warden

‘I… I really don’t know. At the time I didn’t know what’d really happened, you know? I think everyone just thought it was supposed to happen like that. Who would have suspected…’
‘We’ll ascertain for ourselves what everyone else was thinking. Why do you think he chose to bring you out?’
‘Why’d he choose me? Hell, I don’t know. Maybe he picked me at random, maybe it was the seat I was in. He could’ve picked who he’d call up by where we were sitting, you know. I was directly behind and a little to the left of the girl. I don’t know if he thought it’d look more realistic if he got people close to one another, or if he just liked the look of her and pulled me out ’cause of where I was.’

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Our artwork today is the Cover of Pete Malicki's new book "Eyes and Knives" It promises to be as good as its cover.

Friday, November 13, 2009

ShadowCast Episode 004 "The Old Ones" by Jeremy Clymer

The Old Ones

by Jeremy Clymer

read by Jason Warden

“Name?” the nurse asked.  She did not look at me when she asked this, but rather at the clipboard on the desk in front of her.
“Al Mitchell,” I responded, noting to myself her startling similarity to Nurse Ratchet from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.
“Guest’s name?” she asked.  I found it charming that they referred to them as “guests” here instead of “patients.”  It made the place seem less clinical, or at least it would if it weren’t so clinical-looking.
“Paul Hastur,” I told her.  Paul, or Professor Hastur as he was known to me, had taught several of my philosophy classes in college.  He seemingly taught philosophy for the sole purpose of spewing great amounts of vitriol at any philosopher of historical prominence

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Our artwork today is by Nebezial and portrays Cthulhu stretching after a long nap.
Cthulhu Rising

Sunday, November 8, 2009

An Absence of Light - by Judith Quaempts

Our second flash episode is now available, "An Absence of Light" By Judith Quaempts. This story is previously unpublished. I'm also debuting a new selection from Christopher Carlson on this one "Drift" is the name of the background song and is available for download at

Flash Episode #2

An Absence of Light

By Judith Quaempts

Read by Jason Warden

“Tell me about dances, Joey. If I went would anyone ask me do you think?”

“All the boys will line up, Seashell. The line will go out the door and into

the parking lot.”

She giggles. “Can I wear a white dress Joey, like Cinderella’s?”

“Of course. A white dress sprinkled with silver sequins. Everyone will say you

look like an angel.”

“But will they let me go, Joey? If I’m really good, if I do everything

*they* say (she shudders), do you think they’ll let me?”


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